AS LUL II takes care of the automatic loading and unloading of sheets to and from the AMADA FO-laser (flying optics lasers), and stores both raw material and micro joint sheets. Suction cups allow handling of different material types such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel. The storage system has a modular configuration, giving the user the ability to customize the number of pallets for raw material and for product.

An extended, uninterrupted production run is ensured. This is made possible by the fast and straight-forward loading of the raw material resulting from the convenient accessibility and also by the high load capacity of the raw material and stacking pallets of 3.300kg each. The compact configuration of the storage requires a small footprint. The automatic storage and retrieval system is also available as a twin-rack version with increased storage capacity.

Currently available for 4020.



Total number of pallets1227
Normal cutting pallets22
Pallet raw material718
Pallet for unloading37
Pallet unloading stack height max. (mm)8080
Sheet size max. (mm)4070 x 20504070 x 2050
Sheet size min. (mm)2000 x 1000*2000 x 1000*
Height (mm)52005200

*automatic mode

Technical data can vary depending on configuration / options
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