AMADA TK-4020L 2P flexible parts take-out unloader system is always associated with a tower and laser machine.

The parts are automatically selected and stacked by a take-out unloader to free the operator from time consuming part separation and sorting tasks.

With the TK-4020L 2P, speed and productivity are mathematically predictable and no longer linked to personnel motivation. Preprogrammed commands allow the system to work around the clock with a minimum amount of operator intervention.

Works in conjunction with tower, for loading of raw material and unloading of skeleton sheets. The additional storage capacity enables long, uninterrupted productions runs and scheduling of jobs of different materials.

*Currently available for 4020.



TK-4020L 2P
Stacking area (mm)4400 x 2000
Sheet thickness (mm)1 - 12
Max. part size (mm)2500 - 1250

Min. Part Size STD skid tooth 32 (mm):
Thickness ≤ 1.6mm250 x 100
Thickness ≥ 1.7mm175 x 100

Option Min part size in Y skid tooth 16 (mm):
Thickness ≤ 1.6mm250 x 50
Thickness ≥ 1.7mm175 x 50

Technical data can vary depending on configuration / options
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