The AMADA ASR 3015 PR is the most compact, fully featured automation solution for punch/fibre combination machines on the market.

The ASR 3015 PR offers versatility and efficiency to the production by combining material storage, parts picking and scrap handling in one single machine. The open front access to the combination machine lets the customer effortlessly load material, e.g. for rush jobs and prototyping. The ASR PR will boost the productivity of the EML-AJ or ACIES-AJ combination machine considerably!

The small footprint of the ASR 3015 PR means it can easily be located inside a factory. The modular and compact design enables a short installation time.



 ASR 3015 PR
Sheet thickness (mm)0.8 - 6
Max. sheet size (mm)3050 x 1525
Min. sheet size (mm)1500 x 1000
Stacking area with 3 Euro palllets (mm)3050 x 1525
System height (mm)5200

Part remover:
Max. part size using vacuum (mm)2500 x 1445
Min. part size using vacuum (mm)100 x 50
Max. part size using clamps (mm)3050 x 1525
Min. part size using clamps (mm)1500 x 1000
Max. part weight when picked up by 2 arms (kg)40 + 40

Max. stacking height:
Material stack (mm)80
Product stack (mm)220
Unloading stack (mm)220

Number of pallets:
Material pallet3
Product pallet2
Skeleton pallet2

Technical data can vary depending on configuration / options
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