This automation solution has been developed to unlock the maximum productivity of your blanking cell. The “open front” concept allows for rapid one off production, whilst the rear manipulator with integrated Take Out (TK) unit allows for high volume manufacture. The compact, accessible, space saving design ensures productivity and flexibility gains. The combined Rear Manipulator with integrated Take Out (TK) Unit module facilitates safe and reliable automatic loading of raw material and high speed, high precision removing and stacking of processed parts.



LA-3015 NTK - SR-3015 NTK
Raw material:
Pallet raw material number1
Pallet size (mm)3000 x 1525
Sheet size max. (mm)3000 x 1525
Sheet size min. (mm)900 x 900
Pallet raw material stack height max. (mm)250
Pallet raw material mass max (kg)3000

Parts skeleton:
Number of pallets1 pcs
Unloading product size max (mm)3000 x 1525
Unloading product size min (mm)900 x 900
Stacking height320
Stacking weight (kg)3000

Take out unit:
Part size handled by unloading clamps max. (mm)3000 x 1000
Part size handled by unloading clamps min. (mm)900 x 900
TK part size max. (mm)2800 x 1500
TK part size min (mm)100 x 40

Take out unit with micro joint cutter (MJC):
Sheet size max. (mm)2300 x 1160
Thickness (mm)3.2
MJC maximum joint number (point / part)20

Technical data can vary depending on configuration / options
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