Easy and simple to switch from flat sheet to tube mode.

The STRI option for the AS LUL makes it possible to maximize the profitability of an ENSIS-RI for higher volume sheet cutting production. It allows fully automated flat sheet processing, combined with the existing tube mode production.

The tube cutting mode is managed by the STRI module.
This support table helps with the loading and unloading of tubes.

The flat sheet cutting mode is managed by the AS LUL.
The tower takes care of automatic loading and unloading of sheets to the AMADA laser, and stores raw material and microjointed sheets.

The machine is also available in a version with twin towers for extended production capacity.



AS LUL-3015 - STRIAS LUL-3015 TWIN - STRI (Z version)
Total number of pallets817
Normal cutting pallets22
Pallet raw material2 / 31 - 10
Pallet for unloading4 / 31 - 10
Pallet unloading stack height max. (mm)220220
Sheet size max. (mm)3050 x 15253050 x 1525
Sheet size min. (mm)2000 x 1000*2000 x 1000*
Max. Round tube diameter (mm)220220
Max. Square tube height x width (mm)150 x 150150 x 150
Height (mm)52705270

*automatic mode

Technical data can vary depending on configuration / options
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