The TK-3015 EU flexible parts take-out unloader system provides a solution for automatic collection, sorting and stacking of laser cut parts. Many kinds of parts with complex shape, long strip and heavy weight can be handled thanks to individually controlled pick-up and optimized vacuum pads.

Smooth vacuum handling and a minimized part drop height allows easy processing of surface sensitive materials. Precise stacking of parts makes robot bending of other automated handling possible in the next production process.

TK-EU can be easily programmed offline with the integration of the AMADA software suite.

*Currently available for 3015.



TK-3015 EU
Stacking area (mm)3400 x 1500
Sheet thickness (mm)1 - 9
Max. part size (mm)1500 x 1200

Min. Part Size STD skid tooth 32 (mm):
Thickness ≤ 1.6mm250 x 100
Thickness ≥ 1.7mm175 x 100

Option Min part size in Y skid tooth 16 (mm):
Thickness ≤ 1.6mm250 x 50
Thickness ≥ 1.7mm175 x 50

Technical data can vary depending on configuration / options
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