Compact, fast, precise electric ergonomic press brake ideal for processing small complex parts

Compact, precise electric ergonomic press brake with exclusive “DSP” (Dual Servo Press), the EG-4010 is extremely fast, reactive and dynamic, providing faster cycle times, more parts per hour, maximising your productivity.
This electric press brake machine has been designed for operator comfort, without sacrificing productivity and bending precision. With a very compact frame and footprint, latest generation NC and a fast, flexible back gauge, the EG-4010 is the ideal solution for processing small complex parts.



The bending cycle comprises three, main stages: rapid approach movement, bending and return movement. Each stage calls for a different performance in terms of speed, precision and power. Based on two pairs of servo power drives, the DSP system enables the use of the most suitable servo power drive for the specific cycle stage. This means reduced power consumption and optimised performance, plus rapid, approach and return stages.


The EG-4010 features latest-generation AMNC 3i numerical control. The 18.5’ large touchscreen, with its user-friendly interface, enables complete management of the process, through a simple, intuitive approach. The AMNC 3i offers various types of programming (direct, 2D, 3D), complete management of tool set-up and enables easy, quick programming for even the most complex parts. The AMNC 3i is the digital heart of the solution. Connected to the offline software is a powerful and innovative tool making the EG-4010 “Industry 4.0” compatible.


Dedicated CAM software, VPSS 3i Bend, can be used for offline programming, fully simulating the bending process. The programme can be automatically generated and uploaded to the machine simply using barcode reader. The integrated AMADA programming solution eliminates all manual programming and enables the machine to operate 24/7, maximising productivity.


The EG-4010 features a fast, flexible back gauge for precise, stable positioning of the sheet metal, even for complex parts. The system has two independent X axes (Delta X), two independent Z axes and a R axis. U-Shape fingers, which are particularly effective for taper bending, are also available.


The EG-4010 workstation has been designed to facilitate the operator and make the work more comfortable. In fact, the EG-4010 offers a number of solutions for the operator's comfort, such as an ergonomic and adjustable seat, reclining table, adjustable footrest, side shelves and flexible bracket to position the AMNC 3i control on either side (left or right) in the most comfortable position for the operator.


The EG-4010 ensures the greatest angle precision due to electric technology for the most accurate, stable positioning. The EG-4010 also offers a range of solutions to control the bend angle (Bi-J, optional), thickness - TDS and process - Force Control.



The EG-4010 goes beyond the concept of a bending machine and is a real workstation, where every single detail has been designed to ensure the operator's utmost comfort in day-to-day operations. The ergonomic seat, front table, side shelves, footrest and flexible control position all offer an ergonomic solution, in a very compact area and with a very limited machine footprint.


The Dual Servo Press drive (DSP) and quick, dynamic back gauge guarantee an optimal performance in terms of speed and precision.


The fully electric technology allows the best performance, low energy consumption, a reduced environmental impact and considerable maintenance costs savings.

Technical Data

Press capacity (kN)400
Press beam length (mm)1050
Distance between frames (mm)710
Stroke (mm)150
Open height without holder (mm)420
Throat depth (mm)230
Working height (mm)980
Bending speed (mm/sec)25
Approach speed (mm/sec)220
Return speed (mm/sec)220

Length (mm)1770
Width (mm)1980
Height (mm)2371
Weight (kg)2700

Technical data can vary depending on configuration / options
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Be sure to read the user manual carefully before use.
When using this product, appropriate personal protection equipment must be used.


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