Open House 4.0 live from Technical Center


Open House 4.0 live from TC

If customers don't come to our Technical Center, our Technical Center goes to the Customers!

An unmissable opportunity!

On July 16th we are back to open the doors of AMADA Italy for a very special event.

Take a seat at your workstation and you will be with us at the Technical Center!

One morning live

The Open Houses have taught us to share our working time and convivial moments with Customers and Partners, in a union that has strengthened our relationships. The first-person experience at the TC has something irreplaceable, but we can't put it off any longer: technology is our "dot", digital support is the solution.

Thanks to the contribution of our technicians and the privilege of having the Technical Center located right in our premises, we will show you our machines in operation during the morning, with a special focus on the process from laser cutting to bending

A virtual tour to discover the blanking-to-bending process

We will start with VENTIS 4 kW with TKL, a fiber laser cutting system that controls the amplitude of the cut through AMADA LBC technology, for a precise and clean result. Equipped with TKL, the robot for picking and stacking parts automatically, it ensures the highest level of production performance

AMADA EML-AJ fiber combination
Then we will discover the new AMADA combination concept, which has revolutionized the partnership between punching machine and laser cutting, thanks to a configuration similar to a sheet metal working centre..

The bending phase will be managed through two innovative AMADA systems:

EG-4010: an extraordinarily compact machine, fully electric and with unparalleled productivity.

HG-ATC: the machine that incorporates the most advanced AMADA technologies linked to precision and speed. Thanks to the automatic .

All monitored by V-factory!

The entire production cycle that we are going to present in this digital Open House will be monitored and managed through the V-factory AMADA. We will therefore be able to control, instant by instant, the performance of the batch and at the same time we will monitor the efficiency and functionality of the machines. It will be an event full of content

As always, you can ask your questions,
this time directly by sms or whatsapp to our new AMADA Live Number +39 366-7593662.

To deepen your experience at the TC, dwelling more on the machines you are interested in, you can also book an ono-to-one session with our technicians, after the Open House, by sending a message via sms or whatsapp, by subscribing to the form at the bottom of the page or by writing to