INDUSTRY 5.0, sustanaibility and people at the heart of the new revolution


It is a cultural as well as an industrial revolution: Industry 5.0 sets itself the ambitious goal of promoting productions able to respect the limits imposed by our planet and by the real welfare of workers, in a logic of human - machine cooperation brought to new levels of innovation.



The main focus of this approach is on minimising waste and environmental impact in all processes. This results into a system that leads to economic efficiency for companies, through choices of responsibility. Men and plants, in the model brought by Industry 5.0, work together and dialogue for the achievement of common and eco-sustainable goals


The imperative is clear: to guarantee the needs of current generations, without compromising those of future generations. This is the concept of sustainability introduced by Industry 5.0 and this is also the value on which AMADA has chosen to invest for some time, bringing to the market a technological innovation increasingly able to reduce the environmental impact of its plants, to facilitate human-machine interaction through latest generation software and automation and thus reduce both risks and waste, with obvious advantages for companies. The Transition Plan 5.0 has allocated, in this sense, 6.3 billion incentives for the biennium 2024/2025, which will be granted to companies through the tax credit and based on specific characteristics.

The range of AMADA latest generation products, as well as its software, exactly meets these requirements, ensuring maximum quality through more efficient, eco-sustainable and safe processes. From fiber laser cutting machines, through the innovative fully electric bending machines, to the latest laser welding technology, which eliminates any risk to the health of operators, It optimizes processes and guarantees the result with significant time and energy savings.




Just think of the brand new line VENTIS-AJe with which AMADA has literally revolutionized the sheet metal cutting industry thanks to the latest fiber laser technology that allows achieving an unmatched quality in processing through a much lower energy requirement. With two available sizes from 4 or 6 kW, VENTIS-AJe guarantees a production performance equal to that of plants with higher power, with significant energy savings.

This logic inspired the design and development of the EGB range of fully electric press brakes: fast, ergonomic and ecological. Thanks to its electric drive, it guarantees a production reactivity that allows shorter cycles and a maximization of productivity. Attentive also to the operator’s comfort, as required by Industry 5.0, the AMADA machine is designed specifically to facilitate the work..

The latest arrival is the brand new FLW fiber welding line, which revolutionizes welding technology. FLW welding island, in fact, has features that make it unique both in terms of speed and quality, both in terms of the well-being and safety of the operators, who no longer are exposed to the risks traditionally associated with this processing.

Reduction of waste and consumption, also thanks to the AMADA software world that, through its continuous technological evolution, allows a total business interconnection, a continuous and safe cycle control in addition to the best possible interaction between plants, flow management and intervention of the operators.