This flexible system is composed of two storage towers for material/parts and a part remover with micro joint cutter. It has been worked out to rationalize the raw material and machined parts flow, in order to increase productivity. The rigid tubular welded construction and a simple design of the AS-3015 NTK + ULS-3015 NTK provides autonomy and flexibility.

Its compact design allows easy integration into your workshop. In standard configuration, it is equipped with ten pallets for raw material and five pallets for finish product or skeleton. The second tower for finish product can be configured as single (option ) or double shelves (standard) .

The part remover picks parts from the processed sheet via vacuum suction cups and reliably stacks them on the unload pallet. The part remover also utilizes unloading clamps to remove processed skeletons and micro-jointed sheets.



AS-3015 NTK + ULS-3015 NTK
Raw material:
Pallet raw material number10
Pallet size (mm)3000 x 1525
Sheet size max. (mm)3000 x 1525
Sheet size min. (mm)900 x 900
Pallet raw material stack height max. (mm)90
Pallet raw material mass max (kg)3000

Parts skeleton:
Number of pallets5 pcs
Unloading product size max (mm)3000 x 1525
Unloading product size min (mm)900 x 900
Stacking height250
Stacking weight (kg)3000

Take out unit:
Part size handled by unloading clamps max. (mm)3000 x 1000
Part size handled by unloading clamps min. (mm)900 x 900
TK part size max. (mm)2800 x 1500
TK part size min (mm)100 x 40

Take out unit with micro joint cutter (MJC):
Sheet size max. (mm)2300 x 1160
Thickness (mm)3.2
MJC maximum joint number (point / part)20

Technical data can vary depending on configuration / options
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