Precision Sheet Metal Technology Fair


The Precision Sheet Metal Technology Fair is a competition which began in 1989 with the aim of promoting technological progress in sheet metal processing. As each year has gone by, the competition’s standards of quality and innovation have steadily increased. The competition is open to all AMADA customers worldwide, for them to manufacture parts of a very high quality and technical difficulty using our machinery.

The parts, which come under 5 categories, are judged each year by industrial associations, academic organisations, visitors to the AMADA Solution Centre in Japan and by a jury specifically set up for the competition.

The competition gives participants an important chance to showcase their abilities at an international level, in an event which has considerable visibility. In fact, the parts are displayed at AMADA's Solution Centre in Japan and are also published in trade magazines and online.

Each year, over 250 parts produced by our customers worldwide are entered for the competition. The level of complexity and quality has increased year by year, raising the standards of the competition to extremely high levels.