Open House 26/27 November


Come to visit us during our next Open House, with a focus on automatic tooling change

Admission will be limited, in accordance to the current regulations: a maximum of two people per company are allowed and the Green Pass will be required to access the event.


  • Arrival and welcome before 10:30am
  • Technical Seminars at 11:00am and 11:45am
  • Lunch at 12:45pm

We are going to discover together all the advantages of the Automatic Tool Changer: control, precision and speed. These are now essential features for a programmable, agile and diversified production.

In the world of sheet metal bending, an aspect that has an important impact on production times and efficiency is the programming of the machine, a complex activity that is usually carried out when the machine is stopped. The AMADA HRB-ATC series of bending machines is based on the VPSS 3i Bend software, which, in addition to the functional completeness and the use of automation, allows to program the press brake in a totally offline mode, from the technical office and during the machine's working times.

This determines important benefits not only in terms of non-stop productivity, but also in terms of engagement and creation of new operating methods.

We are waiting for you!
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