Greenfield Engineering - AMADA EU

"The choice of supplier for the fibre laser machine was always going to be AMADA based on the performance and reliability of the company’s existing machines, matched by the quality of service provided."

Gary Burnard, Greenfield Engineering



AMADA’s first UK fibre laser installed with OVS System

Greenfield Engineering, a market leader in precision sheet-metal fabrication, has invested in an AMADA ENSIS-3015AJ 3 kW fibre laser with AS LUL automation tower. Saving on the previous cost of outsourcing laser work, the machine is the first in the UK to feature AMADA’s OVS system, which allows pre-punched and formed sheets to be loaded on the ENSIS for laser cutting.

Greenfield relies on a number of in-house punching machines, including three AMADA EMZ models with automation, to produce its mix of long-term contract or project-based work. However, the company knew it would benefit from the introduction of its first flat-bed laser cutter, and turned to AMADA for the solution.

Inherent benefits of the ENSIS-3015AJ laser include variable beam control technology and cutting at high speed across a full range of materials without changing lenses. The laser is capable of cutting up to 25mm thick mild steel with the equivalent performance of much larger fibre lasers, but using half the power. In addition, Greenfield is the UK’s first user of AMADA’s OVS technology.

OVS allows Greenfield to take punched parts and put them on the ENSIS-3015AJ, which verifies the position of two punched datum holes and automatically adjusts the laser program to compensate for any inaccuracies in sheet loading. They thus end up with combined process parts without the need or cost of a punch-laser combination machine.


The level of automation available was a pertinent factor, with the AS LUL pallet stockyard tower, Greenfield is able to run 24/7 – "we’ve found the machine and automation to be very reliable from that perspective. In fact, the AS LUL has enabled us to increase our capacity by more than 40% without adding any additional labour cost.”

The ENSIS-3015AJ has allowed the company to be more efficient with material through dynamic nesting, and has reduced costs for small batch work. Component edge quality has also improved, particularly on harder, thicker gauge materials.


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