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MJH Fabrications

“Our staff love the laser cutters and press brakes because they make life easy and in addition, AMADA’s service function is second-to-none, which brings peace-of-mind.”

Mr Mike Hemmings, MJH


Investing in a Complete Fabrication Service

In the period since June 2019, Worcestershire-based MJH Fabrications Ltd has invested in two ENSIS-3015AJ 9kW fibre laser cutters with MPF load/unload automation systems and two HFE3i series press brakes. This significant capital investment is helping the company to better serve its UK-wide customer base in sectors that include shop-fitting, agriculture, yellow goods and factory automation. 

An ongoing programme of investment is necessary at MJH as the company describes itself as complete fabrication service, offering capabilities that extend beyond laser cutting and bending to punching, tube laser cutting, welding, insertion, machining and finishing. By using the advantages of the latest machinery and software, the company is able to handle jobs more efficiently, saving time and money for its customers.

Quality, reliability and delivery are the cornerstones of business at MJH Fabrications, and investment in the new AMADA machines will only further cement this ethos into place.


An ENSIS-3015AJ 9kW fibre laser with MPF load/unload automation provided the perfect solution for MJH Fabrications. The machine arrived for installation and commissioning in June 2019. 

“To be competitive we knew that adopting fibre technology was the only option and, sure enough, we immediately noticed a difference in speed capability with the new ENSIS – it’s unbelievably fast,” says Mr Hemming.

MJH also takes advantage of the AMADA Variable Beam Control technology, whereby the laser beam is automatically adapted to deliver stable cutting across all material types and thicknesses. Like most subcontract fabricators, MJH can never be certain what jobs will arrive tomorrow, with the company processing everything from 0.5mm mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, up to 25mm mild steel and everything between. Importantly, only a single lens is required to process thin-to-thick materials on ENSIS laser cutters, helping MJH Fabrications to maximise machine uptime and eliminate costly operator errors.


In December 2019, the company decided to boost its bending capacity and help keep pace with the new laser cutter. As a result, MJH added HFE3i-1003 and HFE3i- 5020 press brakes to its existing HD-1003 and HFE-1704 machines.

“Essentially, we want to offer the most cost-effective way of achieving customer requirements. Having the capabilities of the AMADA ENSIS laser cutters and HFE3i press brakes makes this process all that bit easier" says Mr Hemming.


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