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“We did look at machines from other suppliers because we wanted to make sure that our decision was the right one.  From a technology point of view, the ENSIS-RI answered all of our questions. We’re not afraid of new technology, and AMADA is very strong in this regard.”

Nigel Cathcart, Director at NIJEN


NIJEN eliminates outsourcing by installing UK’s first AMADA ENSIS with Rotary Index

Carrickfergus-based NIJEN Stainless Fabrications has made its first venture into laser cutting by investing in a new AMADA ENSIS-3015AJ fibre 3 kW with Rotary Index, the first machine of its type in the UK and Ireland marketplace. Up until this point all AMADA Rotary Index laser cutting machines had been limited to CO2 cutting, the advancement to fibre took the processing possibilities to the next level. The investment is described as a “huge leap” for the company that “provides the potential for significant growth”. 

NIJEN supplies its fabrication and machining services and stainless steel products to a range of sectors across the UK and Ireland, predominantly transport and food, but also pharmaceutical, cold storage, medical, energy, architecture and art, to list but a few.

“Seeing the ENSIS fibre laser with Rotary Index unit highlighted the flexibility we could achieve,” says Mr Cathcart. “It was clear to see that the ENSIS-RI was all-encompassing in what it could do.”

Utilising all the benefits of the ENSIS-AJ 3 kW fibre laser for flat-sheet profiling, the Rotary Index unit adds the capability to process tube, channel and angle profiles. With a fast changeover between flat sheet and tubes, and many new functions to decrease set-up and increase efficiency, the ENSIS-RI provides the perfect platform to expand business opportunities.

“A lot of our tube work requires piercing, special joint creation and cutting to length, much of which would have been completed on a conventional milling machine previously,” explains Mr Cathcart. “The ENSIS has blown that process out of the water with the speed it can cut. In particular, the Rotary Index is proving a big plus in terms of cost and time savings. Also, the accuracy that we can achieve is very similar to that of a CNC milling machine, as is the quality of cut.”


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