Partridge Ventilation - AMADA EU

“We examined the market thoroughly and found AMADA to be on another level, in particular, the AMADA care package was superior to others, which is a big deal for us being located in Cornwall, where machine tool service can often be a bit thin on the ground.”

Oliver Partridge, Partridge Ventilation


AMADA Machines Help Partridge Ventilation Steam Ahead

Redruth-based Partridge Ventilation, a leading specialist in high-end kitchen ventilation systems, has installed an automated AMADA laser cutting machine and AMADA 7-axis press brake in order to take its business to the next level. Replacing a plasma cutter and a lower specification press brake from another manufacturer, the AMADA machines have made a vast difference to throughput rates.

With three generations of the Partridge family designing and installing kitchen ventilation systems, the company possesses a wealth of knowledge that vastly exceeds its competitors.

With its mind made up, Partridge Ventilation duly acquired a preowned and fully refurbished AMADA LC-3015F1 laser cutter with MPF automation system, alongside a brand new AMADA HFE3i-1003 7 CNC controlled axis press brake. The company also took the opportunity to install AMADA VPSS 3i bend and blanking software.

The new AMADA HFE3i-1003 press brake at Partridge Ventilation has had an equally significant impact on operations. “We’ve saved both time and material in our bending section,” says Mr Partridge. “Importantly, such is the capability of the AMADA press brake that we now make many products in one-piece, instead of producing several components that have to be riveted together. It’s changed the way we work entirely.”

Ease-of-use is another major factor. Whereas previously the company relied on its two press brake ‘experts’, thanks to the AMADA VPSS3i bend and blanking software, Mr Partridge says he can now ask almost anyone on the shop floor to bend a batch of parts – and they will all be of the same high quality.

With the automated AMADA LC-3015F1 now in place, standard parts such as tops and filter banks are profiled in advance and stored flat, ready to bend whenever necessary. As a result, lead times are minimised, which in turn keeps customers happy. The whole ideology at Partridge Ventilation is focused on project delivery and client satisfaction, a strategy that has enabled the company to engage in long-term partnerships with prominent customers, as previously mentioned.


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