Unitrunk - AMADA EU

“Previously we had stand-alone punch presses with AMADA MP load/unload systems, but with the CS stockyard we now have no waiting for material to arrive or leave.”

Mark Cartmill, Unitrunk


Automation futureproofs business at Unitrunk

A leading UK specialist in the design and manufacture of cable management solutions has invested in shop-floor automation as it looks to capture further market share and spur even more growth. Unitrunk, which is based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, says recent investments in automated AMADA technology are saving time and introducing greater levels of flexibility at this progressive and ambitious engineering business.

With the previous MP loaders Unitrunk could only unload to 3 tonnes at a time, but with the CS they can run continuously. Moreover, they could only load two gauge sizes with the MP loaders, whereas now can run any gauge size and any material type. Changeovers are automatic and take just 2-3 minutes, in comparison with having a manual process previously that relied on a forklift truck and driver.


The system offers 24/7 production, easy stock management, part picking/stacking and, with the addition of the new AMADA EM-3612ZR T punch press, full automated tool selection in approximately 10 seconds (in hidden time while the sheet is running), providing high levels of flexibility.


Unitrunk Case Study