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AMADA Christmas Open House

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HG-1303Rm Robotic Press Brake

Designed for applications where bending requires long hours and significant operator effort. Ideal for large or heavy parts.

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REGIUS-AJ Fibre Laser

REGIUS-AJ - Next Level Laser Processing.

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ENSIS-RI Fibre Laser

All-in-one-machine. Flat, tube, channel and angle profiling.

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HRB-ATC Press Brake

Set up times drastically reduced, the HRB-ATC provides the ideal solution for processing small batches.

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VENTIS-AJ Fibre Laser

High processing speed, unrivalled cutting quality.

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EM-MII Punch Press

High speed, full format processing punch press, reduces setup time increasing productivity.

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TOOLING - Bending & Punching

Optimise your performance, quality and productivity with AMADA bending and punching tooling.

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HFE-M2 Press Brake

Easy to use and simple to program, the HFE-M2 press brake delivers constant results over the entire bend length.

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ENSIS-AJ Fibre Laser

ENSIS-AJ - Ideal for a wide range of different materials and thicknesses

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VPSS 3i Software

AMADA software solutions - Ensuring “right first time” production.

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