AMADA UK Christmas Exhibition 2019 - AMADA EU

With orders secured and nearly 200 people viewing our latest technology, confidence is high going into 2020

AMADA UK Christmas Exhibition 2019


AMADA UK Christmas Exhibition

The Christmas Exhibition was divided into 3 distinct zones: large format, precision and production machines. Every element of modern, efficient processing being covered and demonstrated throughout three days.

Thank you to everyone who joined us over the 3 days.

Our LARGE FORMAT ZONE featured the NEW HFE3i-4005 HT press brake, designed for high tonnage applications ensures the highest efficiency of the bending process in this manufacturing sector.

Our PRECISION ZONE featured the NEW EML-2515AJ punch/fibre laser combination machine with automatic tool changer.

Our PRODUCTION ZONE featured the latest AMADA fibre laser solution. VENTIS-3015AJ 4 kW with Locus Beam Control (LBC) Technology offering faster cut speeds of stainless steel and aluminium, improves surface roughness and eliminates dross. Kerf mode allows stable processing during automated system operation.