AMADA, excellence in Sheet Metal Cutting


AMADA LASER technologies undoubtedly embody the top of the sheet metal processing industry. Featuring fully developed and produced in-house generators, these systems offer unparalleled added value. The different available functions, customizable according to the models and specific needs of customers, allow optimizing the performance, the productivity and the competitiveness of companies.




The distinctive feature of this AMADA technology lies in its ability to modulate the shape of the laser beam according to the materials and thicknesses being processed. Implemented on all ENSIS-AJ laser machines (3, 6, 9 and 12 kW) and the complete series REGIUS-AJ (6, 9 and 12 kW), this generator is able to automatically adapt and select the optimal laser mode.



We are talking about an innovative solution, integrated with ENSIS technology and characterized by an advanced internal optics system that allows the optimal modulation of the laser beam to adapt it to specific machining needs. This functionality is common to both the ENSIS-AJ range and the REGIUS-AJ series, providing precise and flexible control during the machining process.


Equipped with ENSIS generator, the REGIUS-AJ series stands out for its remarkable innovation thanks to the use of linear motors. This feature makes it particularly suitable for working on thin thicknesses or in contexts where frequent axis movements are required. Linear motors allow optimal use of production time, ensuring significant time savings. In addition, the SILKY CUT technology, always associated with REGIUS-AJ machines, helps to improve performance especially in the cutting of medium and high thickness stainless steel, ensuring exceptional cutting quality





With a diverse range of sizes and powers, AMADA machines emerge as the preeminent solution for a variety of laser machining requirements. In an industrial landscape that continues to require increasingly powerful systems, the offer of AMADA laser stands out for its effective productivity optimization. Contrary to the prevailing trend towards high-power machinery, AMADA technologies can give substantial value in terms of operational efficiency. AMADA laser systems, in addition to allowing energy savings, if equipped with the correct automation, are significantly more productive than high-power machines served by pallet change of the competitors. The production capacity does not derive only from the power, but from the correct management of the process.


True revolution in sheet metal cutting with VENTIS-AJ technology, AMADA launches the new generation of AMADA laser source machines. Available in models of 4 kW or 6 kW, this series of machines is characterized by its generator consisting of a single module. This innovation allows to increase the quality of the cut even at low power, further optimizing it with the different functions that this technology offers to complete a production performance ideal for all machining.


  • PRODUCTIVITY MODE: The combination of the LBC system (Locus Beam Control) with the VENTIS technology allows to modulate the beam, reaching very high speeds even with low power, automatically adapting to the materials and thicknesses processed, ensuring unparalleled productivity.
  • QUALITY MODE: Taking advantage of an innovative laser vibration system, this mode offers excellent cutting quality on stainless steel, eliminating the waste unavoidable with traditional technologies.
  • KERF CONTROL MODE: By enlarging the laser groove, KERF CONTROL MODE technology is particularly used on machines equipped with loading and unloading automation systems because, thanks to its technology, it allows to facilitate the sorting and picking of the single part.
  • LBC FLASH CUT: Available on the 6 kW model, this function can produce 7 to 10 holes in just one second, thus reducing production time. Ideal for processing on grids of small holes, with thicknesses up to 1.5 mm and maximum diameters of 2,5 mm.


In order to further enhance business performance in the industry, LIS technologies have been introduced that can be integrated on all series of laser cutting machines manufactured by AMADA. These innovations have been specially designed to optimize work quality, greatly simplifying daily operations and minimizing errors in setup, machining and human intervention tasks:

  • I-NOZZLE CHECKER: Using artificial intelligence, this function allows to carry out the control and centering of the nozzle, independently evaluating its status and reporting any need for intervention.
  • I-OPTICS SENSOR: This function evaluates and automatically signals the need to clean or replace the protective glass, warning the operator with different alarm levels.
  • I-PROCESS MONITOR: A monitoring system that keeps track of the cutting process, detecting and reporting any anomalies and initiating the necessary corrective actions.
  • AUTO RECOVERY AFTER COLLISION: In the event of an accidental collision between the laser head and the workpieces, the risk of machine downtime is almost inevitable. This function, following the calibration of the laser head, allows the machine to automatically resume the production flow.
  • I-CAS: The I-CAS system optimises the processing of individual parts, allowing nesting to be carried out manually on the residual material. An internal camera identifies and selects the available space on the sheet