The market demands more and more flexibility and reliability for its productions, and AMADA responds by making available to its Customers not only machines and automations designed to optimize their work, but also dies and tools able to guarantee maximum durability, greater precision and custom development in both punching and bending.




With its NEX III and AFH lines, designed and manufactured directly by AMADA, the technical characteristics of the systems are completed and optimized to the best, making the quality of the workmanship unparalleled and increasing the productivity of the companies. In addition to the most requested standard functionalities, AMADA is in fact able to adapt the characteristics of its dies to the Customer’s needs. Every need is received and examined by the AMADA technical staff that develops and designs in-house the custom tools, according to thickness, material and size, making changes from the simplest to the most complex. Choosing the AMADA tools, the more complex are the parts to produce, the greater is the added value obta



AMADA tools for bending machines guarantee an optimal performance of its systems, ideal and adaptable to all those productions equipped with a diversified machine fleet, but with PROMECAM connection. It is precisely the mechanical structure of the AMADA AFH die that makes it of a superior quality: the core hardening and the burnished finish of the tool give the AFH series unmatched reliability in terms of die strength and precision in machining. This leads to increased productivity in the immediate and long-term savings for our customers





Designed and built in-house, the NEX III punching dies can perfect the performance of AMADA systems ensuring the maximum exploitation of all their high technical characteristics. Produced from the best quality steels (such as APH steel), the NEX III punches, as well as the Airblow dies, ensure unparalleled profile cutting quality and longer tool life . Power Vacuum provides higher hit rates and stable punching by sucking the slugs away from the sheet


AMADA staff is always by its Customers’ side and accompanies them in all stages: from listening to their production needs, to the design of customized solutions up to the necessary customer training to allow the optimal exploitation of all the potential. In addition to the standard training courses, during which our technicians explain all the functionalities of our machines and relevant tools to the operators, AMADA also provides customized support for the design of special and non-standard tools, to guarantee companies maximum assistance and support in their work.