Emergency Covid-19


AMADA Italia’s Covid-19 Emergency Press Release – Updated  on 23rd March 2020

Following the even more restrictive measures adopted through the new DPCM (Ministerial Decree) of 22nd March, AMADA Italia has suspended all events involving public attendance, such as meetings, Open Houses and Product Shows, as well as all the activities at the Customers’ sites.

However, the usual communication channels through which our company can be contacted are kept operative because, wherever possible, activities in smart-working mode continue regularly.

The need to protect its employees and the wider community, during these very sensitive times, is a matter of primary importance. But in spite of the actual difficulties, AMADA Italia expresses its willingness to remain close to its Customers, with a spirit of collaboration, positivity and trust. Not only from an economic point of view, but also and especially from a social prospective.

Please find below our contact details:

AMADA Italia:
tel.      +39 0523 872111

tel.      +39 0523 872111
email  sales@amada.it

tel.      +39 0523 872191

Technical Assistance:
tel.      +39 0523 872180

Spare Parts Assistance:
tel.      +39 0523 872119
email spareparts@amada.it

tel.      +39 0523 872179
email tooling@amada.it

The AMADA Italia Team