LBC Technology: the new VENTIS



There is no need to wait any longer. The greatest innovation in sheetmetal cutting is already here and welcomes the new generation of machines with fiber laser sources.

VENTIS is a new laser system equipped with LBC Technology (Locus Beam Control) which allows to modulate the beam and control the movement of the laser beam, ensuring maximum efficiency based on the type of material and thickness to be processed.

The new technology was launched by AMADA during the Open House on 22nd and 23rd November, where the specialists from our Technical Center illustrated to all the participants the speed, precision and cutting quality of VENTIS, demonstrating its effectiveness. An example of advanced technology, able to improve the quality of the processes and the overall productivity within the industry.

For AMADA, the Open House represents an opportunity to listen to our customers and have an open confrontation with them, because the development of new technologies is inevitably based on the customers' needs.