School Work Project



Our social commitment in the Piacenza area and our community support are among the values in which AMADA strongly believes.


For this reason, our company has decided to support an initiative aimed at the students, by participating in the funding of a project for the construction and the setting up of a training laboratory for mechanical and electronic engineers at the "E. Mattei" Technical Institute of Fiorenzuola Arda.

A project that responds to the need of filling the gap between school teaching and the production world, giving young people the possibility to practice directly on the field. A well-equipped, modern laboratory, where to switch between theory and practice, allowing for a more in-depth training, in line with the ever-increasing demands of today’s working environment.

Today's young people are tomorrow's future: AMADA supports this wholeheartedly, by constantly keeping its experts up-to-date and by investing in new generations.