AMADA erhöht seine Beteiligungen an der LKI KÄLDMAN LTD.


Maschinen und Automation jetzt aus einer Hand

AMADA HOLDINGS Co., LTD., who have been a partner in LKI Käldman Ltd. since 2009, has increased its ownership interest in the Pedersöre company to 100%. LKI Käldman Ltd. now becomes AMADA Group’s largest manufacturing facility for automation in Europe.

Since the mid-1990s, a cooperation has evolved between AMADA HOLDINGS, a Japanese comprehensive manufacturer of metal machinery and LKI, a manufacturer of sheet metal handling automation systems. AMADA HOLDINGS confirmed this collaboration in 2009 when it first became part owner of LKI.

The fact that AMADA HOLDINGS have now decided to increase its investment in LKI is seen as a natural development in the cooperation and further strengthens the company’s positions in Europe and on the world market.

“This creates exciting opportunities not only for our employees and the company but for the entire region, says Greg Seymour, Managing Director of LKI. “We are proud that AMADA have chosen to concentrate their European manufacture of automation systems with us and see this as clear recognition of many years hard work. Operations will continue as before, despite the change in ownership" explains Greg. “The Management and our employees continue, as do the relationships with our local subcontractors”

AMADA’s regional CEO for Europe, Alan Parrott, explains “We value LKIs way of working and expertise. With this investment, we will also secure access to the region’s competence for the future”.

AMADA Group’s core values align well with LKI's own. To build and manage long-term, mutually beneficial relationships has been and remains key for both companies. Including customers, employees, subcontractors, the local community and the environment.

Globally, AMADA Group consists of over 90 companies and more than 9,000 employees with headquarters in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. LKI becomes the Groups largest manufacturing facility of automation systems in Europe and thus a significant part of AMADA European operation.

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