Webinar: VENTIS AJ - Next generation fiber laser


In this event, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about our VENTIS-AJ fiber laser cutting machine - the next generation fiber laser:

  • What criteria do I need to consider when buying a laser cutting machine?
  • Can a fiber laser replace a CO₂ laser?
  • What makes the VENTIS-AJ with LBC technology so special compared to other fiber lasers?
  • How quickly do the acquisition costs for a VENTIS-AJ pay for themselves compared to a cheaper entry-level laser?
  • Can I achieve cutting speeds and results with only 4 kW laser power as with 6 or 8 kW?
  • Can I be competitive in the future with 4 kW laser power?

Webinar days: Friday, 26.02.2021 & Monday, 01.03.2021
Start: 11:00 AM
Duration: approx 45 minutes
Language: German