AMADA at EuroBLECH 2022

Four years ago AMADA launched the most innovative advancement in laser cutting the industry had seen, what will AMADA reveal this time ...


Visit us at EuroBlech 2022 from the 25th to 28th October to be the first to discover AMADA's vision for your future. 

This year, we will go one step further than we have ever done before, introducing technologies, solutions and processes that will bring us even closer to our customers whilst always respecting the planet.

We know that our solutions must always add value to our customers, our challenge at EuroBlech this year is not only to introduce technologies that enhance your businesses but also add value and sustainability to you. 

To do this we will "Grow Together with Our Customers"...


Supporting Sustainability

With over 20 years experience in providing eco-friendly products AMADA is aiming to achieve a carbon neutral society.  All AMADA machines are developed to reduce power consumption and carbon emissions.  At a time when energy costs are higher than ever before, energy saving machine development is essential.  AMADA eco-products such as fibre lasers, can consume 80% less power than conventional CO2 models. These as well as electric punch presses, press brakes and automation are all designed for high productivity paired with low energy usage.  Find out how you can benefit from our eco-products and build a greener, more sustainable future together!


Providing Solutions

AMADA Industry 4.0 solutions have already made a big impact on our customers' businesses. You can expect these advances to continue this year, delivering more innovative solutions helping you optimize production, simplify input, and connect all your processes.   Discover how AMADA's V-factory IoT support and Order Manager can connect all your processes whilst you keep full control of your production. Together we will streamline operations, increase efficiency and improve your profitability!


Improving Processes

Our automation solutions are all designed to increase productivity, improve factory workflow, shorten lead times and reduce component cost.  Our combination of the latest blanking and bending technologies along with the latest automation technology means we can offer the perfect systems for 24/7 production.  From single pallet loaders, full storage systems, automated bending systems to full warehouse CS lines, AMADA have a solution. At EuroBlech this range will be expanded, creating yet more solutions for our customers. Together we will take your production to its highest level yet!

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We look foward to seeing you!