A delivery of a special kind

ERBA Plaatbewerking


A delivery of a special kind

In April, the first AMADA ENSIS 9kW fiber laser was delivered to ERBA Plaatbewerking in the Netherlands and successfully connected to the largest fully automated AMADA storage system in Europe.

The delivery of the ENSIS fiber laser was a highlight of a very special kind: The roof of the production hall was raised and a large crane was used to first lift out the old laser system before the new ENSIS fiber laser was placed on the 1st floor and moved to ist final position. It took almost the whole day to complete this impressive large-scale project successfully, taking all Corona requirements into account. ERBA documented the delivery in a remarkable 1.5 minute time-lapse video.

Just four weeks after delivery, ERBA was able to produce the first weekend without any manpower and is now more efficient than ever before in order to deliver quick high-quality products to its customers.

For the company, the investment meant the next important step in terms of performance and sustainability, because with ENSIS these points go hand in hand: With the new machine ERBA now produces significantly faster, with excellent cutting quality, but with only the half of the energy consumption of its old laser machine.