Machines and Automation

Sheet metal machines

A complete range of sheet metal solutions offered by AMADA for efficient and flexible processing

AMADA offer bespoke solutions for efficient and flexible processing of sheet metal. Its range of products covers all technologies: laser cutting, punching, punch/laser combination machines, bending and laser welding. To complete the range of solutions offered, AMADA also supply automation options, designed to optimise your productivity. As a single supplier, and working closely to its customers, AMADA is able to help you choosing the right solution for all your production requirements.

Laser Cutting Machines

From CO2 to fibre lasers, AMADA offers a fully comprehensive range of sheet metal cutting machines to suit all your production requirements.


Punching Machines

AMADA’s punch press machines go far beyond punching out simple shapes. From complex forming to tapping, ensuring a high quality finished product.


Combination Machines

AMADA’s punch/laser combination machines are the ultimate sheet metal solution. Equipped with fibre laser engine for  the utmost flexibility and maximum productivity.


Bending Machines

From stand-alone machines to robotic cells, AMADA offers varied solutions and configurations based on your application needs.


Laser Welding

AMADA welding cells, with AJ fibre laser engine and ENSIS technology for laser beam management, deliver unmatched results.



AMADA's automation solutions, available in different configurations and automation levels, improve your business performance and productivity.


Grinding Technology

The AMADA automatic grinding machines are designed for the grinding of the punching tools and allow the monitoring of the tool's degree of wear, ensuring quality and stability of the processes