Subsidiary of the group, AMADA SA was created in 1986. It ensures the marketing and the service of the products of the group. Its area of ​​activity includes 32 countries and extends from northern Europe to Equatorial Africa. AMADA SA is composed of AMADA Belgium/luxemburg  branch, two subsidiaries AMADA Swiss and AMADA Turkey and uses the services of 9 régional agents.


The headquarters of AMADA SA are located in the industrial zone of Paris NORD II near Roissy C.D.G Airport. It houses, in addition to administrative and technical services, a permanent exhibition hall of 2500 sqm. This unique location offers the opportunity to see almost the entire range of machines, tools and software running.



In addition to France, the territories of the AMADA SA block are: Iceland, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and all West African countries up to Ecuador line



We recognize that our products contribute to the success of our customers around the world, and we recognize that this contributes to the development of the local and regional community. It is our responsibility to enrich the future by our metallurgical industry for the benefit of all



Employees are the key factor in a successful business. Every day, our employees put their skills, their enthusiasm and their sense of responsibility at the service of the collective interest.
If you are efficient, service-oriented and open to new challenges, your qualifications and commitment give you the opportunity to join a successful, dynamic team that can offer you the best prospects for the future.