Data protection

                                                                    AMADA S.A. attaches great importance to the protection of personal data and wishes to assure Internet users that their privacy is protected.

                                                                    The purpose of this page is to inform Internet users about the processing of personal data concerning them,

                                                                    i.e. data enabling them to be identified and their rights with regards to such processing.

                                                                    Control of the processing

                                                                    AMADA S.A. is responsible for the processing of your personal data collected through the website,

                                                                    in particular, by means of information-gathering forms.

                                                                    Its contact details are as follows: AMADA S.A., ZI Paris Nord 2, 96 Avenue de la Pyramide, 93290 Tremblay-en-France

                                                                 - Telephone: - Fax: -

                                                                    Purposes of the processing 

                                                                    The information collected is subject to the following computer processing:  

                                                                    The management and follow-up of your requests for contact, appointments or any other information sent to AMADA S.A. via the website.

                                                                    The legal basis for this processing is your consent, which you materialise by sending AMADA S.A. the online registration form duly completed and signed.

                                                                    completed or by providing AMADA S.A. with your name, telephone, e-mail address and postal code by clicking on the "Validate" button on the online form.

                                                                    Managing the sending of the newsletter and invitations to events organized by AMADA S.A. by e-mail. The legal basis for this processing is your consent

                                                                    which you materialize by providing AMADA S.A. with your e-mail address 

                                                                    depending on the means of collection on our site and by clicking on the "send" symbol.

                                                                    Internet users' rights

                                                                   For all of these treatments, the Internet user has the right to request AMADA S.A. access to his personal data, their correction or deletion, or a

                                                                   limitation of the processing of personal data, or the right to object to the processing and the right to data portability.

                                                                   For processing operations whose legal basis is consent: it can be withdrawn at any time [JG2]. 

                                                                   The Internet user may exercise his rights by writing to the AMADA S.A. data protection representative, Mr. Johan GUILLON, at the address indicated above or

                                                                   by mail:

                                                                   Such a request must in particular be signed by the Internet user and indicate his surname and first names.

                                                                   In addition to the above-mentioned rights, if an Internet user no longer wishes to receive newsletters and invitations to events from AMADA S.A.,

                                                                   he may oppose this at any time by clicking on the link provided for this purpose, present in each newsletter.

                                                                   Finally, the Internet user is informed that he or she may lodge a complaint with the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL).


                                                                   For the processing operations previously identified, your personal data are stored as follows:

                                                                   Data provided for the management and follow-up of requests: these data are kept until 24 months. 

                                                                   Data provided for the management of the sending of the newsletter and invitations to events organised by AMADA S.A. :

                                                                   these data are kept until the withdrawal of consent of the newsletter subscribers.

                                                                   Data provided for the management of access to the Client Areas: this data is kept until the time of 24 months 

                                                                   Security measures

                                                                   The protection of the personal information that the Internet user transmits to AMADA S.A., as well as the respect of his privacy are essential and

                                                                   AMADA S.A. shall endeavour to secure them by implementing all the means at its disposal to preserve the security of the data and,

                                                                   in particular, to prevent them from being distorted, damaged or accessed by unauthorised third parties.

                                                                   Recipients of personal data

                                                                    User data may be transferred to Amada Holdings Co. or one of the Amada Group companies.

                                                                    AMADA S.A. states that it does not intend to sell or market the personal data of Internet users.

                                                                    AMADA S.A. may, however, call upon "subcontractors", as defined in the regulations in force, who will act on behalf of

                                                                    the latter and on its sole instructions, for example for the hosting of the site and its databases.

                                                                    Transfers of personal data outside the European Union

                                                                    Personal data of Internet users may be transferred outside the EEA. In the event of such a transfer, 

                                                                     processing will be carried out in accordance with the rules set out here and framed by the standard contractual clauses of the European Commission,

                                                                     which ensure an adequate level of protection of the privacy and fundamental rights of individuals.

                                                                     Automated decision making

                                                                     Finally, the personal data of Internet users are not subject to automated decision-making.

                                                                       Use of cookies

                                                                       Amada S.A. uses "cookies" to optimize the use of the Site and, in particular, the following X[JG9] categories of cookies:

                                                                       Cookies necessary for the functioning of the Site: essential for navigation, these cookies allow Internet users to use the following functionalities

                                                                       main features of the Site such as consulting the Site, managing the "My Account" area or maintaining their identification throughout their browsing.

                                                                       This category of cookies does not require the consent of the Internet user.

                                                                       Personalization cookies: these cookies make it possible to retain browsing preferences based on previous visits.

                                                                       Advertising cookies: These cookies allow the Internet user's browser to request advertising content from AMADA S.A. partners.

                                                                       and to transmit data to them for this purpose, which may include personal data.

                                                                       Cookies for audience measurement: these cookies allow the Site to be improved by means of information on the behaviour of Internet users,

                                                                       collected and analysed in a global way.

                                                                       These last three categories of cookies require the consent of Internet users, which can be given by clicking on

                                                                       Button to agree privacy policy 

                                                                        In accordance with the regulations in force, the consent collected by AMADA S.A. from Internet users for the use of the

                                                                        Cookies are valid for a period of thirteen (13) months from the date of deposit of the cookie. At the end of this period, the consent of these

                                                                        The latter will have to be collected again by AMADA S.A.

                                                                        For more information, it is possible to consult the CNIL website by clicking on the link below: