Open House 18/19 April


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to discover all the new features of the new Industry 5.0 legislation.


Industry 5.0 unites technology and humanity for a sustainable future. In this scenario, energy efficiency plays a key role in reducing environmental impact by driving the transformation towards more ecological and profitable production processes, thanks to the use of advanced technologies.


Latest generation solutions, such as IoT and AI, monitor and optimize energy consumption in real time, adapting it to various needs thanks to the ability to analyze huge amounts of data and identify and solve environmental problems more efficiently. Digital transformation identifies inefficiencies and waste, allowing targeted interventions to maximize productivity and reduce costs.

Using machine learning, intelligent systems can learn from historical data to identify patterns and suggest solutions to improve energy efficiency. With Industry 5.0, energy efficiency is not just an objective, but a strategic lever to drive competitiveness and build a sustainable future for generations to come.





The UCIMU expert will come to explain the legislation, the application advantages, the challenges and opportunities it will bring, which have been identified in three macro groups:

  • the need for adequate training (advanced skills in the field of automation, AI and new technologies, which will have to be acquired through adequate training programs);
  • the implications of technology on the workforce (some tasks may be automated, new job opportunities may emerge. You will need to adapt and develop new skills to stay relevant in the changing job market)
  • data management and IT security (it is necessary to guarantee the protection of personal data and develop secure systems to avoid possible cyber attacks that could compromise the security of new technologies.



Thursday 18th and Friday 19th

  • arrival and welcome before 10:00am
  • seminar at 11:00
  • lunch at 12:45


It is necessary to confirm your participation in the event and lunch by 12.00 on April 17th.


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