Among AMADA's objectives, the strengthening of relations with local realities and the supply of automated sheetmetal cutting equipment in Europe, is at the forefront.

For this reason, on January 31st AMADA acquired LKI Käldman LTD, the Finnish manufacturing company which, from April 1st, will change its name to AMADA AUTOMATION EUROPE LTD, making it a totally owned subsidiary.


Behind it, the growing demand for fiber laser cutting machines and the automation of systems - a fundamental requirement for the sheetmetal cutting process due to factors such as constraints on working hours and increasing manpower's costs - made sure that, since 2009, AMADA has been secured into an agreement with LKI.

Since then, the collaboration has strengthened more and more, up to the complete current acquisition.

The objectives of making LKI a totally owned subsidiary of AMADA can be summarized in the following points:

  1. Working closely with the AMADA group in Europe;
  2. Lead the development, design and production of automated equipment, in conjunction with the development of the latest AMADA machines;
  3. Promptly provide automated solutions best suited to European customers.

The plan for the future? Group the two existing production bases into one location (by April 2020) and double the production capacity, strengthening the production plants by 2022.