V-factory: the industry 4.0 of AMADA



Monitoring data from production lines anywhere and in real time, thanks to the internet connection only? With AMADA V-factory this is now possible.

The new software for the control of the production, created to meet the actual needs of our customers, was introduced by our company during the Open House on 25th and 26th October. An innovative mechanism that represents a new frontier for the metalworking sector, focusing on the data coming from the AMADA machines equipped with the AMNC control.


Accessing the data in real time is one of the main challenges at the moment - managing the production from anywhere is increasingly more important.

By connecting to the system it is in fact possible to always have an overall image of the working environment: from the current state of the machines to the use of materials, energy consumption and analysis of the manufacturing processes. All this through the "Connecting Box", the software application available for PCs and smartphones.

A way of constantly maximizing the performance of the production lines, allowing the timely identification of problems, the reduction of the relative downtimes and the definition of the necessary daily maintenance activities.

AMADA V-factory: technology at the service of our customers.