We Are Online



In times like these, during which people spend most of their day connected to the internet, being present online has become essential for every business.

In order for a web presence to be effective, it is necessary to adopt a strategy that responds to the company's objectives, that is the expression of one's identity and - above all that is aligned with the expectations of the public.

That is why AMADA has chosen to undergo a restyling of its online space in a more modern way, getting closer to the real needs of its audience.

A new website that reflects the true essence of the AMADA's world and, at the same time, takes into account the needs of the Customer, creating a meeting point between the two realities: these were the objectives we aimed to achieve with the remaking of our company's website, now online.

Thanks to the new features, navigation becomes more dynamic and impactful, the outcome of ample research and great commitment, leading to a very satisfactory final result.

Intuitive, fast, renewed in graphics and colors: AMADA wanted to completely rethink its online image through an in-depth study where every detail was analyzed with meticulous care and attention.

We did not want to create just a new institutional site, but we wanted to tell something in which we believe and the way we try to pursue our values through the continuous research and production of innovative solutions. At the heart of it all we wanted to place the customers, to respond - once again - to their requests and needs" highlights Ms. Sonia Sirocchi, Marketing Group Leader of AMADA ITALIA.

The biggest challenge then was to create a single site at European level - which will be translated into 13 local languages by the end of the year - able to meet the needs of an ever-growing number of customers, nationally and internationally.

An additional service for the customer, a better showcase for the varied world of AMADA.

What are you waiting for? Navigate through all the sections and discover our new website!