Open House 20/21 June


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We are waiting for you on June 20th and 21st

to discover all the innovations in AMADA laser technology.


The AMADA laser allows you to optimize the productivity of your company thanks to the innovative latest generation technology and integrated features that are available and customizable based on the models and specific needs of each customer.

They are the ideal solution for the most diverse production needs: in addition to energy savings, they guarantee productivity, competitiveness and optimization of processes.


With generators developed and produced in-house, AMADA fiber lasers are divided into three types: ENSIS-AJ, REGIUS-AJ and VENTIS-AJ:

ENSIS-AJ, thanks to the use of a single lens for the entire range of materials and thicknesses, allows you to reduce machine setups and avoids potential errors, offering greater productivity.

REGIUS-AJ, allows you to carry out extremely fast and precise machining, satisfying an increasingly demanding market thanks also to the automation of certain processes with LIS technology.

VENTIS-AJ, characterized by the LBC technology, innovative and unique on the market, allows you to obtain waste-free cuts, higher cutting speeds and control of the cutting width.



Thursday 20th and Friday 21st June

  • arrival and welcome before 10:00am
  • seminar at 11:00
  • lunch at 12:45


It is necessary to confirm your participation in the event and lunch by 12.00 on June 19th


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