Each type of production has its specific technical requirements. In particular, when a company has to make small sheet metal parts in large quantities, having an AMADA bending machine specifically designed for this type of need can really make a difference



For this reason, AMADA, knowing in detail the needs of companies and having always worked to facilitate their work, has developed technological solutions for all those companies that, in various fields, have to manage diversified orders of small parts, such as companies operating in the field of electronics, mechanics, furniture, lighting or in the creation of specific components for medical, dental and much more.


AMADA meets these needs with more solutions, including HRB-5020, the most compact of this series and, even more, the two technologies EG-4010 and HFE3i-5020, both specifically created for bending small objects, that, maintaining high quality standards make the processing phases extremely simple and faster than using large tonnage technologies.




HFE3i-5020 and EG-4010 models are two bending machines specifically designed and created to guarantee all the ideal solutions in these cases. Their compactness and ergonomic characteristics are, in fact, designed to facilitate the work in the production of small pieces, where the setup operations are notoriously more complex in very limited spaces. Equipped even with stools, shelves and compartments "ad hoc", these two small machines allow having everything at hand, thus facilitating operators in the various stages of handling the pieces with maximum comfort and a considerable time saving

Operational but also energy advantages with the AMADA bending machines for small parts: both EG-4010, fully electric, and the two hydraulic bending machines HRB-5020 and HFE3i-5020, allow a significant reduction in consumption, a higher speed in set-up and a fully optimized operation thanks to the robotic cell, for EG-6013AR, that allows to benefit from the automated processes also in the production of small pieces in large batches

All AMADA bending machines are also perfectly integrated and can be integrated with the production process and are managed by the unique software AMNC 3i. This allows companies, who choose to invest in special bending solutions, continuing to manage all the programming, monitoring and production phases through the unique and innovative AMADA numerical control, AMNC 3i.