AMADA Order Manager


AMADA ORDER MANAGER (AOM) - Integrating all your Production Steps


AOM is the new cloud-based platform designed to bridge ERP systems and the AMADA ecosystem.
Thanks to AMADA's standard data exchange interface, the customer's existing ERP system can easily connect to AOM for the production preparation and automatic production data retrieval for AMADA machines. 
AOM perfectly fits ERP and AMADA software/machine solutions to allow production data exchange. You can create customer orders and production orders on the ERP side, as you're currently doing, then you can use AOM to plan the production and retrieve the AMADA machine data from the shop floor and send it back to your ERP; EASY.




Thanks to the cloud-based platform, it is possible to access AOM from all places, inside or outside the company and at all times.


Digitalization has come to impact upon more and more areas of our lives including manufacturing industry.
AOM fully matches this principle and allows a compete paperless production.


The production can be easily planned, including all the processes from the customer order up to the end.
Due to AOM connection, it is always possible to have an overview of the current status of production operations and production orders.


Thanks to the intelligent exchange of information, AOM will allow to gain a high level of information in real time,
to allow optimized processes and machine productivity.


As a result

Full management control of the production.

Real time tracking and immediate access to reliable basis.

A unique data exchange interface, it does not matter which ERP needs to be connected.

Maximum flexibility with three communications channel available.



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