Open House 24/25/26 September

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We are re-opening the doors of our Technical Center:
we look forward to welcome you in AMADA Italia during our September event, in full compliance with all the anti-Covid measures.

Speed, power, control, tooling set up and automations will be the topics of our new Open House on 24/25/26 September, dedicated to the cutting and bending processes.

We have organized our Technical Center by thematic areas, allowing us to better manage the flow of attendees in small and well distanced groups, according to the current regulations.  
The visiting days are increased to 3 and a maximum presence of 2 people is permitted from each company.

The convivial moments are postponed for now:
we will surprise you with a memorable lunch as soon as it will be possible to do so again!


The systems that we are going to see together:

            EML-AJ + RMP-NTK

  • Lean:
                VENTIS + AS-LUL + TK-L
  • Heavy and large parts:
                ENSIS-4020AJ 6kW + AS-LUL

and so much more...

Come to Our Event 
Please confirm your attendance to our Open House by filling up the form below by 12:00pm on 23rd September, by calling us on +39 0523 872111 or by sending an email to