How to improve setup times

by optimising production


The productive and industrial realities are subject to constantly growing pressures, powered by the dynamics of increasingly unpredictable markets:

The traditional need to maximize the efficiency of the production lines is now clashing with decidedly challenging dynamics,

characterized by a very diversified production and constantly decreasing batch sizes.

To overcome the challenges of a competitive market, the need to optimize production cycles also involves reducing set-up times,

which can have a significant impact not only on production costs, but also on the agility of the company.

In this document, after a brief introduction on traditional methods of reducing setup time, we focus on some tools dedicated to this purpose:

the SMED methodology, production execution and control systems and automatic setup technologies, with particular attention to the AMADA offer.





  • Introduction
  • Setup time and its impact on production
  • How to reduce setup time: traditional methods
  • Lean Production and setup: the SMED methodology in punching
  • The benefits of reduced setup time: less cost and more efficiency
  • Towards Smart Manufacturing: how digital technology reduces setup times
  • Automatic setup and the AMADA solutions