Pre-Owned FLC-3015AJ 2 kW + AS-LUL TWIN


Pre-Owned FLC-3015AJ2 kW + AS-LUL

Cutting quality & consistency of performance

The important technological revolution of the AFL laser source (AMADA Fiber Laser), allows users to perform very high level machining, while ensuring the natural ease of use of AMADA machines. Equipped with the latest generation of linear motors FLC-3015AJ is able to guarantee an excellent precision of the machined part, as well as the maximum speed of the axis movement.

FLC-3015AJ is able to maintain constant, over the entire working range, the optimal cutting conditions, managing, through the numerical control, all the variables related to the various types of materials and thicknesses.


Year of Manufacture: 2014


  • 6 Month AMADA Guarantee
  • AMADA Fibre engine
  • AMNC touch screen control
  • Automatic nozzle changer
  • Pierce & cut process monitoring system
  • Cooling cut
  • Air-assisted cut
  • Conveyor
  • Double tower automatic storage with load and unload functions


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