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Low carbon emissions, eco products

For a greener and more sustainable planet

The AMADA Group has always made the environmental a top priority. Producing eco-friendly machines with low power consumption and high energy efficiency in an environmentally friendly facility.
We promote environmental protection. We carry out activities respecting the environment, to leave a clean and pleasant world for future generations.
AMADA sites have been certified to ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Certification) since 1998.
The Group's products are designed and developed with a view to safeguarding the environment in which we live.

AMADA Group has put in place two systems to evaluate its products' environmental performance: the product environmental assessment system and AMADA ECO PRODUCTS certification system. These two certification systems have been put in place to ensure that, at each stage of the products' development, a product environmental performance assessment is made. This consists of 25 items in 8 categories, including energy consumption during customer use (CO2 emissions) and the use of restricted chemical substances. The AMADA ECO-PRODUCTS certification system was created to guarentee to customers that AMADA products have a high energy performance, which allows them to improve their productivity whilst reducing costs. 


Reducing CO2 Emissions

"ECO-Conscious Manufacturing"

Aiming to reduce CO2 emissions which contributes to global warming, AMADA machines are developed to reduce power consumption and carbon emissions. From the production to its final use, all our steps are working towards a carbon emission free world. Our main manufacturing facilities as well as our production processes are constantly being updated with a view to reducing their carbon footprint. The use of renewable energy is also a priority as we incorporate it actively in the design of all our new operation sites and plants. 


How are we doing this?

Developing energy-saving machines and technologies

Developing ECO-PRODUCTS: Products with reduced environmental impact throughout their whole life cycle

Introducing energy-saving equipment in our businesses and production plants such as the use of natural energy (LED lighting, solar power equipment, etc)

Reducing energy and resource consumption by decreasing the number of production processes and improving our equipment

Contributing to CO2 neutrality through forest conservation  


Energy efficiency products

Energy efficiency is our top priority. AMADA’s machinery is designed for industrial usage where CO2 emissions and high power consumption have historically  been a problem. Most of our products' CO2 emissions life cycle occur in our customers facilities. Our development of high energy efficiency products such as fibre laser machines which can consume 80% less power than conventional models, is one of our solutions. Electric punch presses and automation machines designed for high level productivity with low energy consumption, are also crucial on the journey to safeguarding the planet in which we live.


How to know if you are using a certified AMADA ECO-Product?


Your machine is
an AMADA Eco-Product.

Resource saving machine.
Your machine consumes
less oil, gas, etc, than
conventional models.

Energy saving machine.
Your machine consumes
less power than
conventional models.

Low-noise machine.
Your machine produces
less noise than
conventional models.

Amada high efficiency products