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AMADA high-tonnage press brake makes light work of large parts and thick material

HFE3i High Tonnage Press Brake


Complete solution for the processing of large components and thick material

AMADA has extended its range of HFE3i intelligent, high-efficiency press brakes by adding a 400 tonne machine in 4, 5 and 6m lengths. Aimed at heavy-engineering sectors such as agriculture, commercial vehicle, rail, construction, mining and shipbuilding, the new HFE3i HT (High Tonnage) model offers precise, dynamic bending with unparalleled process stability. The machine has been designed to bend mild steel up to 20mm thick.


Powerful Flexible Bending Range

Powerful bending capacity is facilitated through a high-rigidity frame that has been specifically developed to offer optimum performance in high-tonnage applications, while parallel deflection of the beams is guaranteed by the AMADA design of the lower table.

Strong and Flexible Back Gauge

The high-rigidity frame, Instant Reactive Beam and tailor-made five-axis back gauge ensure both performance and ease of use. In particular, the strong and flexible back gauge combines payload and positioning accuracy via its five motorised axes that are controlled by the NC. The standard single Delta-X finger, which can move forward and backwards independently of the other, allows high gauging flexibility and is particularly useful when bending asymmetrical workpieces. Optionally, customers can select Delta-X on both fingers.

Highly Accurate Bending

HFE3i HT machines also feature a range of equipment designed specifically for high-tonnage applications. Digipro uses wireless technology to transmit the measured angle to the control before the machine compensates to provide a precise bend angle. At all times, a hand wheel can be used to make manual adjustments to each axis. If required, an optional device for active angle measurement is offered:  the Bi-M laser can measure and correct the angle in real time.

Economic and Ergonomic

A further major benefit for customers is AMADA’s Eco inverter technology, which means the machine stops using power as soon as the bend is complete. As well as saving energy, this smart hydraulic power system reduces maintenance requirements, oil consumption and noise.

Ergonomics are of course vital when it comes to the manipulation of large and/or heavy workpiece materials. For this reason, the HFE3i HT can be optionally fitted with AMADA SF200 sheet followers (200kg per arm) to improve both accuracy and safety. The SF200 units follow the bend speed as sheets are folded, eliminating the need for a second operator and saving on labour costs. As a point of note, for manufacturers processing a varied mix of parts, the HFE3i HT is equally adept at bending thin material.