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Congratulations to our new graduates!

In celebration of National Apprentice Week 2024, we congratulate our latest generation of engineers...

"It is always a pleasure to see young people succeed and to grow into skilled Amada engineers.  All of this year's graduates have taken individual paths within the company, adding depth to four different departments.  I wish them all well in their careers here and look forward to working with them for many years to come.- Paul Mansfield, Managing Director


Congratulations to Jack Cresswell

Congratulations to Jack Cresswell on completing his four year Engineering Apprenticeship with AMADA UK. Jack has not only successfully passed a Level 3 Apprenticeship but also the HNC in Engineering qualification. Well done, Jack!

Jack has rotated around several departments during his apprenticeship, gaining valuable knowledge in each. For the past two years, he has worked in the refurbishment department, completing various NCT machine projects. From this Jack has gained a solid understanding of our machines and will remain in this department for the next 12 months.

Our gratitude should also be expressed to Herefordshire and Worcestershire Group Training Association, our Apprentice training provider for their continued support.

"Amada UK gave me the opportunity of travelling abroad to France for machine training, which really furthered my knowledge. It's been a wonderful experience, and I'm excited for what lies ahead." - Jack Cresswell, AMADA Refurbishment Engineer.

Congratulations to Ashley Mace

Congratulations to Ashley Mace on completing his four year Level 3 Engineering Apprenticeship! Via Herefordshire and Worcestershire Group Training Association, Over the past two years, Ash has strongly developed in all Amada software areas including training, customer support and visits.

Focusing primarily on blanking software for laser, punch and combination machines, he has a solid understanding-giving him the ability to support customers from the initial installation through to training and beyond with ongoing operator support. In recent months, he has been working to organise our contract upgrades for 238 customers to the latest VPSS 4ie software.

Ash is a great asset to our Software team, demonstrating both adaptability and diligence in all his work. Well done, Ash!

Congratulations to Dublin Cooper

Congratulations to Dublin Cooper, who has completed his four year Level 3 Engineering Apprenticeship from Herefordshire and Worcestershire Group Training Association (HWGTA). During the last 2 years within the Consultant department, Dublin has been challenged with gaining a full understanding of Amada's laser solutions.
He has always shown enthusiasm towards developing his knowledge and demonstrated a determination to succeed. Dublin has grown into a valuable member of the team.

"During my apprenticeship I was rotated through all the different departments at Amada. I was given the opportunity to succeed within these departments, with a great support network guiding and supporting me where I needed it to better myself as an engineer. After settling within the consultants team I've felt my confidence and ability to talk in public environments increase exponentially, thus completing many different machine presentations, exhibitions and demonstrations. I look forward to my future within the consultants team and at Amada further expanding my knowledge and ability." - Dublin Cooper, Amada Laser Consultant

Well done, Dublin!

Congratulations to Rory Othen

Congratulations to Rory Othen who has recently completed his 4 year Level 3 Engineering Apprenticeship.

During the last two years, Rory spent time in both the Laser Training Centre and Laser Team.

Rory was challenged to gain an understanding of older Co2 generation lasers and the latest fibre laser machines. He has always shown a passion for engineering and great determination to learn and succeed. Well done Rory!



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