AMADA's latest standalone pressbrake series...

AMADA HRB Standalone


AMADA's latest HRB Standalone Pressbrake

The AMADA HRB series combines a new frame design with the reliable and recognised features of the HFE3i series. To further increase productivity, these bending machines are equipped with the latest innovative AMNC 3i multi-touch screen interface with Lite mode. Thanks to the new automatic crowning device, high-quality parts can be produced with increased accuracy, whilst maintaining low energy costs and incredible process stability. The range covers 50 to 220 tonnes and 2 to 4 metres.


Need to process more complex or complicated bends?

The HRB has a new frame which is designed for the best flexibility, the upper beam has now an opening distance of 520mm and stroke of 250mm. This allows for more complex and complicated bends to be processed easily.

Do you want reduced power consumption?

The processing precision enables the production of very high quality batches thanks to the new auto crowning device, at low energy costs and with an unrivalled process stability.  Thanks to the management of the hydraulic system with a frequency converter, power consumption is reduced by at least 20% (compared to conventional press brakes without inverter), providing environmental benefits. The new auto-crowning produces bending tolerance of +/- 20' at any point along the beam.

Range available in 50 to 220 tonnes and 2 to 4 metre. 

Making operation easier...

The HRB Series features the new LITE mode interface which simplifies all operations, making the usage of the machine fast and easy. As well as the AMNC3i 18.5 inch, smartphone type multitouch panel for easy viewing and quick data input. 

This machine is available for demonstration in our Amada UK Technical centre. Contact us today. 01562 749 500.