ENSIS-RI Laser Tube Cutting Machine - flat, tube, channel and angle profile processing, all with a single machine

The fibre laser tube cutting machine ENSIS-RI can process round, square and rectangular tubes as well as channel and angle profiles. AMADA has combined two unique technologies to give you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to sheet metal processing. ENSIS technology for laser beam control and the proven Rotary Index system for tube cutting are combined in a machine that can deliver on an extensive range of production requirements. All with a single machine, at lower costs and maximising your productivity.



The Rotary Index system guarantees high precision and high quality processing of tube, channel and angle profiles thanks to the simultaneous rotation of both chucks.


The Laser Integration System (LIS) functions provide more autonomous processing and include automatic nozzle centring, automatic nozzle checking, automatic protection glass monitoring, automatic head collision recovery, V-Remote (iPad connection), advanced process monitoring systems and camera based remnant material processing.


AMADA's Silky Cut technology is a revolutionary innovation in fibre laser cutting. This function, modulates the beam and gas flow to achieve a high cutting performance for medium thickness stainless steel, which is comparable to CO₂ laser cutting, as well as a minimum roughness and very high-quality edges.


ENSIS technology is based on the Variable Beam Control Unit, which can fully control and modulate the laser beam. The ENSIS-AJ not only controls the beam diameter and focal point, it changes the beam mode depending on the material and thickness to be processed.


Thanks to the standard Touch Probe feature, maximum precision in tube, channel and angle profile processing is achieved.


The machine is equipped with WACS II (Water Assisted Cutting System) to maintain a constant temperature of the raw material to process, guaranteeing stable cutting of thicker mild steel. It also allows thin wall thicknesses to be processed, increasing sheet utilisation and lowering cost-per-part.



The ENSIS-RI can process round, square and rectangular tubes as well as channel and angle profiles. Thanks to a single cutting lens and automatic nozzle changer, all materials, thicknesses and profiles can be processed with minimal setup.


The next flat sheet or tube profile to be processed can be setup while the machine is cutting. In addition, to reduce setup time, ENSIS-RI features “One Touch” quick change jaws which are used to provide accurate clamping of different size tubes.


With the ENSIS-RI, the transition from processing sheet metal to tubes is quick and simple, with setup taking as little as 5 minutes.

Technical Data

Laser power (W)30006000900012000
Machine typeFibre laser cutting machineFibre laser cutting machineFibre laser cutting machineFibre laser cutting machine
Working range X x Y (mm)3070 x 15503070 x 15503070 x 15503070 x 1550
Working range Z-axis (mm)200200200200
Repeatable positioning accuracy (mm)± 0.01± 0.01± 0.01± 0.01
Table loading weight (kg)920920920920
Drive systemHelical rack and pinionHelical rack and pinionHelical rack and pinionHelical rack and pinion

Rotary Index Specifications:
Round tube Ø (mm)19 - 22019 - 22019 - 22019 - 220
Square tube (mm)19 - 15019 - 15019 - 15019 - 150
Rectangular tube across diagonals (mm)220220220220
Channel profile (mm)19 - 15019 - 15019 - 15019 - 150
Angle profile (mm)19 - 13019 - 13019 - 13019 - 130
Maximum tube weight (kg)200200200200
Maximum tube length (mm)6000600060006000
Tube / profile wall thickness (mm)1 - 91 - 91 - 91 - 9
Angle / Channel wall thickness (mm)1 - 121 - 121 - 121 - 12

Material thickness (max.)*:
- Mild steel (mm)25252525
- Stainless steel (mm)15252525
- Aluminium (mm)12252525
- Brass (mm)8151818
- Copper (mm)6121212

Length (mm)*12505125051250512505
Width (mm)2915291529152915
Height (mm)253225322830TBC
Weight (kg)140001440014500TBC

* Maximum thickness value depends on material quality and environmental conditions
** Machine + shuttle table (LST)

Technical data can vary depending on configuration / options
Please contact us for more details and options or download our brochure

For your safe use.
Be sure to read the user manual carefully before use.
When using this product, appropriate personal protection equipment must be used.


Laser class 1 when operated in accordance to EN 60825-1


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