Our Commitment

Promotion of young talent


The shortage of skilled workers is already an important topic in the sheet metal processing industry today, and it will become even more acute in the future. As an employer, AMADA GmbH therefore focuses on promoting young talent. We cooperate with schools and universities in order to promote qualifications at an early stage, to generate contacts and to be present as an attractive employer for the next generation.

In addition to the opportunity to gain initial insights into professional life as part of an internship, Amada GmbH regularly qualifies young people for their professional success as part of commercial education and promotes their personal development.


On the "Gymnasium Haan", depending on the focus of interest, pupils can make first experience with robotics up from the 5th class.

By programming of processes and building of small robots they have to solve exercises. For example to picked up material with the robot and transport it from A to B.

In the upper classes, pupils have the opportunity to register for the "Robotic AG". This workshop has the name "Bohlebots". Since many years it is a well-known and feared participant in national and international competitions in the Robocup Soccer.

These highly talented young professionals are supported by Amada GmbH in different ways. Financially, with the implementation of regular company visits, lectures and the production of necessary components for the robots.

Eckert Schulen

In the field of sheet metal processing there is an enormous need for technically qualified professionals. To help to meet these needs of companies in the industry, the AMADA GmbH actively cooperates with the "Eckert Schulen".

With this cooperation teaching content can be linked to requirements of practical relevance. This is handled, for example, through lectures, company visits, project work and seminars. In this way, the trainees are targeted and efficient qualified for the requirements of the companies they will start to work for. So they have the shortest possible training period after completion of the studies.

Within the cooperation the best three full-time graduates in the field mechanical engineering are rewarded with cash prizes annually.