Remote Services


Innovative remote diagnosis service based on VPN technology

AMADA's remote service is a location independent remote diagnosis service technology based on a VPN connection between AMADA equipment and AMADA's Service Center in Haan.

After contact is established by the equipment operator, the remote service assists with diagnostics for machine malfunctions or failures and provides optimal support in order to significantly increase your machine availability.

Benefits of the AMADA remote service

  • simple operation
  • remote diagnosis control by means of key switch
  • no need for elaborate IT infrastructure for remote service
  • protected VPN data-link
  • increased machine availability
  • reduced service and maintenance expenses
  • minimized machine downtime
  • simple IT integration
  • fast diagnostics of machine malfunctions
  • remote maintenance and optimization including software updates
  • optimization of machine and program parameters
  • independent of the individual network infrastructure
  • upgradeable at any time


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The AMADA service network

After the connection is established, the AMADA service expert can see all relevant data from your machine on his display. Without having to be on site, he can now quickly and reliably isolate the service incident together with the operator. Already during the remote diagnostics, the needed replacement parts can be identified, the availability checked, and the shipment or required service calls directly scheduled and coordinated.

  • Correct malfunctions
  • Perform system diagnostics
  • Adjust parameters
  • Software settings, or software update installs

AMADA's remote service significantly increases your equipment availability: the remote service can frequently be accomplished within a few minutes and cuts down on unnecessarily long machine downtime and time-consuming on-site diagnostics.

Full control

The connection to the AMADA Service Center is established using the key-switch on your AMADA equipment. You control the point in time, since this access is exclusively provided by you on-site. You then contact your AMADA service expert after having activated the connection.

VPN technology

VPN technology (Virtual Prototype Network) is an international standard for communication with intrusion and manipulation safeguards. The data-link is exclusively established using a VPN tunnel, ensuring a protected connection at all times.