AMADA customer training

Training Courses


AMADA customer training - Optimising your operator's skills

Comprehensive training programs ensure the operator’s ability to achieve the maximum potential from the equipment. AMADA training schools allow customer to learn new skills at a pace suited to them. This in turn will enable your company to profit from correct, safe and productive use of AMADA equipment. AMADA offers a range of training courses. Certificates are issued on the successful completion of the course.

Machine training

Learn all about the possibilities to work with your machine.
We provide for beginners and advanced person a convenient training program.

  • Basic course for newcomers
  • Refresher training for existing machine operators
  • Individual machine instructions and trainings


Software training

Our competent trainers will teach you in small groups all necessary knowledge of the AMADA CAD / CAM software. 

  • CAD / CAM Basic Trainings
  • CAD / CAM training for advanced users
  • Individual training


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