Set up times drastically reduced, the HRB-ATC provides the ideal solution for processing small batches with AFH-ATC tools

Modern businesses need solutions that are increasingly geared towards reducing production lead times and making processes more efficient. In bending, the critical aspects affecting productivity are tool setup and programming times. AMADA has designed the HRB-ATC series available in the 1003 and 2204 versions, to provide the ideal solution for processing small sized batches with AFH-ATC tools. Thanks to the integrated ATC Automatic Tool Changer and powerful offline VPSS 3i Bend software, increasingly smaller lots and shorter lead times are no longer a problem. Set-up times are drastically reduced due to the Automatic Tool Changer providing high efficiency and precision setup and the possibility for operators, with varying experience, to use the machine effectively.



Set-up times are reduced thanks to the Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for AFH-ATC, which can prepare tool layouts quickly and precisely. The ATC is equipped with a large tool storage, two pairs of tool robots and a unit for the automatic greasing tool clamping. The ATC offers smart management to optimise the set-up configuration, use tools already assembled and install punches, even when reversed.


The machine is equipped with a hydraulic drive system with Inverter for effective energy savings; in fact, the hydraulic circuit is operated "on demand" by the bending cycle. The machine offers both high-speed and accurate positioning. The HRB-ATC also features the new auto-crowning system, to maximize the linearity, for constant results over the entire bend length.


The HRB-ATC features latest-generation AMNC 3i numerical control, the digital heart of the solution. Its 18.5’ touchscreen, with its user-friendly interface and new LITE mode, enables complete management of the process, machine and all its functions, through a simple, intuitive approach.The AMNC 3i offers various types of programming (DIRECT, ANGLE, 2D and 3D), plus complete management of tool set-up, and enables easy, quick programming for even the most complex parts. The AMNC 3i is a powerful and innovative connected tool that makes the HRB-ATC "Industry 4.0” compatible.


The back gauge of the HRB-ATC series has been designed and developed to meet criteria of precision, speed and reliability, offering an excellent performance and flexibility in gauging. The standard configuration has two traditional X axes, plus an additional Delta X function (two independent X axes), two independent Z axes and a R axis. The back gauge of HRB-ATC are also equipped with the Amada patented solution FAST (Finger with Active Safety Technology) to guarantee the best perfomances in every condition.


The HRB-ATC can process numerous parts, materials and thicknesses with high precision. Thanks to the option mechanical bending indicator (Bi-S) in fully automatic mode. The angle is measured reading the spring back, to correct the downwards movement of the beam in real time.


Bending process productivity is related to machine performance and also to ergonomic features that help the operator carry out work quickly and simply. The HRB-ATC features the option of “Auto Foot Pedal”, the smart sliding pedal that can automatically move opposite the bending station, saving considerable operator time and effort.



The automatic system for changing tools (ATC), the only one of its kind on the market for technology and performance, considerably reduces set-up times of AFH tools. So urgent, rush jobs can also be efficiently managed.


The HRB-ATC is equipped with a number of functions for precision bending, unrivalled on the market. The combination of auto-crowning and the optional Bi-S device to measure the angle provides maximum angle precision and linearity, without rejected parts.


Designed for the best productivity, the upper beam and back gauge deliver the best balance of performance in terms of speed, dynamics and reactivity.

Technical Data

  Press capacity (kN)   10002200 
  Stroke (mm)   250250
  Open height (mm)  520520
  Bending speed (mm/sec) 1510
  Approach speed (mm/sec) 200100
  Return speed (mm/sec) 150100


ATC tool changer:

  Number of die stockers 1518
  Number of punch stockers 1825
  Tool layout length 15 - 302515 - 4000
  Tool length increments 55



 Length (mm) 58557050
 Width (mm) 32203560
 Height (mm) 29503090

For your safe use.
Be sure to read the user manual carefully before use.
When using this product, appropriate personal protection equipment must be used.

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